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Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

For Individual Corporate, Division, Department executives and managers

Strategic Planning and Team Building

For Corporate, Division, Department executives and their teams

Management Development

For Corporate, Division, Department executives, managers and their teams

Corporate Services

Executive Coaching: Working with executives/leaders to move them to the next level of success. Includes assessment, "shadowing" and regularly scheduled coaching sessions combining on-site and telephone coaching. One-on-one coaching sessions are aimed at changing certain behaviors or skills, and/or on growth or development issues to sharpen performance. A description of our 4-Step Executive Coaching Approach is presented above.

Organizational Assessment Services:

In order to provide more information about an organization's effectiveness a variety of assessments are available. They include business and operations performance reviews, employee attitude surveys, customer and other stakeholder satisfaction, team effectiveness, and training assessments. Before any assessment is undertaken, the first step is to develop a shared understanding of the project's goals and a vision for a successful outcome. A work plan is created to ensure that the appropriate process, communications and follow up strategy are in place upon completion of the assessments.

Individual Assessment Services:

As a way to raise an individual's self-awareness and promote positive change in the workplace, a range of individual assessment instruments are offered. Appropriate tools are selected depending on the issues and goals of the individual, and in consideration of the corporate assessment systems and standards. All assessments are formally administered and are supported by individuals certified in their use. One on one coaching supports interpretation of results and design of a concrete, developmental action plan. Instruments include: 360-Degree Feedback, DISC, Advanced Teamware, and Myers-Briggs.

Strategic Planning & Team Building Services

Working with teams to develop vision, mission, strategic objectives and implementation plans for core business or business unit. Includes facilitated sessions to assist with new team formation, ongoing team alignment and cultural integration. Using a structured methodology, the team creates an action oriented plan—with clear goals and measures—that includes critical success factors, infrastructure and resource requirements, high-level sales and marketing strategies, and human capital plan.

Strategic Sales and Marketing Consulting

Working with individuals and groups responsible for sales and marketing to develop a comprehensive sales and marketing plan. Includes facilitated sessions to define target markets, product and services benefits analysis, sales action planning and key marketing and communications strategies.


Change Management Services

Working with leadership teams and other stakeholders to clarify business strategies and objectives. Developing and implementing strategies for organizational and individual alignment, streamlining business processes and measuring results.

Management Development Services

Working with individuals who have substantial responsibilities for managing and leading a company, division, department or line of business to improve business performance, and enhance management skills, effectiveness. Includes assessment services, business plan reviews, performance measurement systems, high performance team training and individualized coaching.

Critical Incident Stress Management

Crisis intervention has never been more relevant than it is today. Research-backed methodologies and trained professionals can provide companies with extraordinary support in dealing with the impact that traumatic events can have on their employees. Timing of crisis intervention is critical in avoiding serious performance and psychological problems. Enabling a quick response team to come in, assess the situation, and deliver a formal process can offer great relief to the employees, and provide for a mechanism to identify potential trouble.

Critical Incident Stress Management Services

Working with Executives and Human Resources professionals to offer specialized experts to support workers who have experienced a traumatic event or disaster. This includes on-scène support services, crisis intervention for individuals, demobilizations after large-scale traumatic incidents, small group defusing and group interventions known as Critical Incident Stress Debriefings.

Workshops: "Working in Difficult Times"—Overcoming barriers and focusing on success

This workshop provides a set of tools for employees to renew themselves and focus on getting their jobs done. Research backed information is presented to educate employees so they are better informed and prepared for living and working in uncertain times. Facilitated over multiple sessions, this process provides group and individualized attention to support employees in making and holding substantive changes in their attitudes and behaviors.