Executive Coaching for Business Excellence

Executive Coaching focused on Business Development Strategies and Leadership

Executive Coaching for Business Excellence is designed for senior and executive level professionals who are responsible for significant business generation, client relationships and ongoing business or market penetration. Typical candidates for this service are highly experienced in business development strategies, and are looking to accelerate their success and fine tune business development and leadership skills. Coaching sessions are focused on sales and marketing planning, client analysis, strategic partnership/leverage strategies, marketing by attraction/influence strategies, and leveraging community relations. Discussions focus on the "Three R's —Reach, Repetition, and Relevance" which give a structured approach to categorizing activities and setting priorities.

As described in our "Executive Coaching Approach" this service is delivered with the understanding of and within the context of your company's business and culture. Each individual is assessed formally and informally, according to specific criteria, and a coaching plan is developed with respect to their specific role, objectives and background. The coaching client and coach meet with the corporate sponsor, who is usually the coaching client's direct supervisor, to assure that the plan is in alignment with corporate objectives and that any additional information or feedback is included in the coaching plan. Then the coaching process begins. A series of one-on-one coaching sessions are conducted typically weekly over a three to twelve month period to support the development and integration of enhanced or modified business performance and leadership behaviors. Coaching includes face-to-face and telephone sessions. Periodic reviews are conducted with management, the coaching client and coach.

Why Coaching? Coaching works because it is targeted to shifting or changing specific behaviors, attitudes and beliefs. Through repetitive feedback and practice new behaviors are learned, shifts are made and sustainable change is possible. Additionally, the coach provides support and reinforcement, through a structured process, that helps the coaching client keep motivated while overcoming difficult barriers or changing long engrained patterns or beliefs.

Corporations that are utilizing Executive Coaching as a strategy to grow and develop its leaders and executives are realizing measurable benefits for the organization and the individual executive. According to a recent Manchester Inc. study of 100 executives from mostly Fortune 1000 companies who received coaching from them, Executive Coaching delivered the following benefits to companies that they surveyed:

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