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M. Glen Keith, LCSW


M. Glen Keith, LCSW, Vice President of BWA, Inc., is a psychotherapist and personal coach specializing in therapeutic counseling for adults, couples, and families.

He is a graduate of the Naval Academy, a trained pilot, with two advanced degrees in aeronautics. He completed his Masters in Social Work from University of Maryland and is a licensed professional. He has extensive training in Gestalt Psychotherapy, having completed a 2-year course of  Gestalt  Psychotherapy , Advanced EMDR, Self-Relations Therapy, Experiential-Emotive Therapy, Marriage Counseling, and others. He has offices in Falls Church and Manassas, where he conducts individual and group psychotherapy.

Office Locations:

Falls Church
6062 Arlington Blvd.
Falls Church, VA 22044
Phone: 703.536.1736
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10684 B Crestwood Drive, Ste. B
Manassas, VA 20109-3432
Phone: 703.536.1736
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Mailing address:
6538 Orland Street
Falls Church, VA  22043
FAX: 703.536.7610


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